Radio Brian Gran Canaria - 2024

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big in da game.. trust
big in da game.. trust
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Radio Brian Gran Canaria - 2024

Post by projuicer » Thu May 16, 2024 5:08 pm

I was in Playa Del Ingles and had the opportunity to record some Brian for you.

To set your expectations - I was on the side of the hotel facing away from the TX, and only had a cheap Retekess V115 radio with me.

The recordings are here:

A few notes:

Recording 2 is poor in the middle. Basically, the radio got moved mid-recording in a hurry due to the presence of the Lauren who gets a mention on Tuesday; and you think I cared about checking if it still had signal. It ended up with the aerial horizontal so no, it didnt have much signal to work with.

Recording 4 is the same as recording 5; but 4 is encoded in Stereo. You can hear the stereo come on during the 15:30 "Budweiser" ad, followed by Jackson 5 - Rockin Robin. If you're only going to investigate one aircheck, go for 4.

6 is an hour clipped out of 4/5 in Stereo - Stereo pops up at about 21m15 ("and so the hot dog was born")

7's either really good or really crap, and I haven't a clue what happened tbh, but it's uploaded now.

No post processing, peak level is a bit low for the duration but that's the radio not what's going out on 96.8

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Re: Radio Brian Gran Canaria - 2024

Post by BriansBrain » Thu May 16, 2024 5:16 pm


Fantastic............ thanks :tup
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