West Yorkshire bandscan

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who u callin ne guy bruv
who u callin ne guy bruv
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West Yorkshire bandscan

Post by Matt » Sun Jun 30, 2019 9:48 pm

Driving through West Yorkshire today, I picked a few bits up :

89.6 Passion
91.8 Unique
104.5 Peoples

A few other unidentified bits as well:

Driving through Leeds, I was picking some mento (old Jamaican music) up on 93.2 with no presenter or jingles. An hour out so later, I got back in the car and got a longpigs song on the same frequency. This faded as I drive out of leeds. No idea what this was. Any ideas?!

I picked some soca up on 95.6 but it faded every time there was a link. Fresh maybe?

I drove past Manchester as well but nothing there. Hardly surprising though. They've got Legacy, Unity and Gaydio as community stations and some actual variety in the offering of commercial stations. That really is a well catered for market.

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tower block dreamin
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Re: West Yorkshire bandscan

Post by radionortheast » Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:47 am

93.2 will be sheffield live it gets all the way to Leeds and abit beyond,
fresh fm is on, it never has the signal it had afew years ago, you problaly also pick up lots of peoples in car transmitters near motorway bridges and busy roads.
so that would be ;)
89.6 passion
91.8 unique
95.5 fresh
104.5 peoples

4 pirates is the limit now, expect you might get a station that sets up for a year or 2 then goes off air, if they are able to get on air with community radio licence if theres a community station playing music heard on a pirate there might no need, problaly whats happened in Manchester. Ofcom have decided to bend abit in Leeds they once said their where no fm frequencies, now there are their just compromised outside of the city, could be used inside of to provide a service within it.
Really they should of shuffled all the BBC transmitters around, since they share no common frequency their usually just between a range of frequencies it would be easy to do that.

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