Top 25 Radical Radio Stations & Shows

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who u callin ne guy bruv
who u callin ne guy bruv
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Top 25 Radical Radio Stations & Shows

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Top 25 Radical Radio Stations & Shows

What interested me firstly in researching to draw up this list is the invaluable resource it could be while traveling and getting to know beforehand a first hand account of the campaign struggles a people faces before heading there myself.

Secondly I was interested to research what vestiges of DIY pirate radio activity and community interest in it remained. To which I’m now aware of a few more projectsand forums. As well as info on the still large audiences some pirate shows attract, like Galaxy Radio and Omega Radio drawing in just under 50% of all radio listeners in the Caribbean community of London. These are also shows which advocate many community organizing strategies for dealing with issues related to being part of a low income and immigrant community in the capital city.

Finally I’ve been enjoying the pleasures of lightweight trekking and camping with just the bare minimum kit, where every tool has its purpose. So an mp3 player that can last longer because it only has the function of being able to listen to audio saved on the device and live on the airways just makes practical and environmental sense, while being psychologically comforting to my own head space.

If you have any stories of radical radio shows you’ve heard on your travels which you’d like to write in about, I’d love to read.
PPirx wrote:
teckniqs wrote:

Radio Larrakia 94.5FM – Australia08-89437949
Jam Pakt with Jonzy– Darwin – Sat at 8pm
Breakfast on the River– Bourke – Weekdays at 6am
Let’s Talk– Brisbane – Weekdays at 9am

MBC Radio– Central Canada – 1.800.668.4003
Missinipi Dene Honi with Terrie Bekattla– Weekdays at 11am
Missinipi Chimowen with Charly Durocher– Weekdays
Missinipi Chimowin with Abel Charles– Weekdays

KNBA 90.3 FM – Alaska
Native America Calling– Weekdays at 1pm EDT – Most US major cities and many local indigenous stations. – 1-800-99-NATIV
American Indian Living– Sat at 7am
National Native News– Weekdays at 9am

Bush Radio– South Africa
The Morning Cruisewith Mkhuseli Veto Weekdays at 9am
Sakhisizwe – bou die nasie, building the nationwith Jasnine Roberts – Weekdays at 12pm
Connected 2 Jazz– Teu at 8pm

ALL FM 96.9– Manchester, UK
Didsbury Fabulous Mums and Dads
All Out Radio Show
Tony’s Time Machine

Galaxy Radio – London, UK – +44 20 7193 0174
Mbuta Anu (Roots Unlimited)– Sat at 12am – 07951705606
Community Talking (Have Your Say)– Sat at 10am
Sista Ebony (Interactives)– Sat at 4pm

London Pirate Radio
Raw Innocence 87.5
Omega Radio 104.1– 07539 968 143
UK Raw Radio 107.5

Other UK Pirate Radio
Lush FM 97.9– Portsmouth
CodeSouth 98.5– Brighton – 07422 128 232
Club FM 102.1– Glasgow

KPFA 94.1 – California – 1-800-958-9008
Flashpoints– Weekdays at 5pm
UpFront– Weekdays at 7am
Letters and Politics– Weekdays at 10am

Asheville 103.3FM– Eastern US
Living Well– Sun at 11am
Words To Live By– Sun at 1pm
Final Straw– Sun at 2pm

KBOO 90.7FM– Portland, US
Labor Radio– Mon at 6pm
Rose City Native Radio– Thu at 6pm
Voices for the Animals– Monthly on Mon at 11:30am

CKUT 90.3FM– Montreal, Canada
Free City Radio– Wed at 11am
Off The Hour– Weekdays at 5pm
Prison Radio– Fri at 11am

CFRC 101.9FM – Ontario, Canada
CPR Prison Radio– Wed at 7pm
From Embers– Wed at 8pm
Native News & Music– Teu at 6pm

CFRO 100.5FM– Vancouver, Canada
Redeye– Sat at 10am
Urban Renewal Project– Tue at 10pm & Wed at 12am
Metis Matters– Wed at 5pm

CFRU-FM 93.3 FM– Guelph, Canada – 519-837-CFRU
Canada Land
WINGS: Women’s International News Gathering Service
Talking Radical

Other Languages

Welat FM – Northern Syria
English News by Hiffin Osman
News bulletin by Joan Young
Economics Report by Abdul Bari Sayed Yousef
Language is in Kurdi.

Radio Insurgente – Southern Mexico
• 97.9 MHz FM – Zona Altos de Chiapas & Selva Fronteriza
• 89.3 and 100.1 MHz FM – Zona Selva Tzeltal
• 102.1 MHz FM – Zona Norte
• 92.9 MHz FM – Zona Zotz Choj
Language is in Spanish, tzotzil, tzeltal, chol and tojolabal.

Watan FM– Western Syria
Your morning is a homeland
Middle Bulletin
Youth of Syria
Language is in Syrian Arabic.

Radio Nissa – Palestine
Women in Sports – Hand in Hand
Qahweh Mzboot (Morning Coffee)
Fi ‘Oyoun Al Nisaa (Through Women’s Eyes)
Language is in Palestinian Arabic.

Irratia 97FM – Bilbao, Basque Country
Mar de Fueguitos
Lur eta Murmur
Arañas de Marte
Language is in Euskara.

Radio Libertaire 89.4 FM – Paris, France
Dies Area– Fri at 4pm
Les amis d’Orwell– Fri at 9pm
Chroniques rebellestous– Sat at 1:30pm
Language is in French.

Greek Pirate Radio
Radio zones of Subversive Expression 98FM– Athens
1431AM 97.3 FM – Theslonika
105.1FM– Mytilene, Lesvos
Language is in Greek.

Radio Patapoe– Amsterdam, Netherlands
Vittek– Thu at 3pm
Magieke Jansen– Thu at 8pm
Gapend Gat– Thu at 9pm
Language is in Dutch.

Radio Orange 94.0– Austria
Tiam Radio– Sat at 3pm
COOL-Tour– Sat at 4pm
A Radio Vienna– Sun at 8pm
Language is in German.

Radio Student FM 89.3 – Serbia
Črna Luknja– Every other Thu at 12pm
Klopca pod svobodnim– Fri at 6pm
A pure legal pirate– Sun at 10:15am
Language is in Serbian.


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