Is pirate radio dead? Your vote!

Discuss all things relating to the busy London Pirate Radio scene.

Is FM pirate radio dead???

Yes, make way for the DAB switch off
No votes
Tragically getting there but still alive just yet
No, pirate radio is still thriving BOOOOOOOM
What the fuck is pirate radio bruv?
Total votes: 25

no manz can test innit
no manz can test innit
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Re: Is pirate radio dead? Your vote!

Post by sharky » Sat Nov 01, 2014 6:29 pm

Cheek of it... Lol
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Re: Is pirate radio dead? Your vote!

Post by sde-1104 » Sat Nov 01, 2014 7:17 pm

thestig wrote:
sharky wrote:Well....... I ordered my box yesterday.... So we'll see if I can change your minds.
Is it this one:


Owning one of these will own in instant bannage :lol: I agree pirate radio needs to evolve. There's still as many stations as ever though!!

tower block dreamin
tower block dreamin
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Re: Is pirate radio dead? Your vote!

Post by dancemusicdj » Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:19 pm

i voted for the second option as i can't really stay listening to stations for to long these days, the music really isn't to my taste apart from a few shows here and there. just taking the london pirates, from what i can hear you have a lot of different styles of music played, but probably to many stations playing it as well as the stations dedicated speciffically to those music styles (do we need stations playing drum & bass in their schedule when there are a couple of dedicated stations such as kool and rude?) . as for dublin, which is probably more relevant to me, apart from a few good shows i love most of the music played is the same old same old house/deep house/whatever, its not like the house from the 2000s and before thats for sure. what saves a couple of the stations is the quality of the final product including presentation and audio quality which while that won't matter to everyone i personally believe they are things a station should aspire to have. london has a few of those (select vision point blank house fm i'm looking at you) even if the music isn't to my taste on some stations, if the quality of the final product is good then credit where credit is due.

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