Ofcom on Shortwave Transmissions - Sept 2015

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Ofcom on Shortwave Transmissions - Sept 2015

Post by sde-1104 » Sun Feb 21, 2016 2:05 pm

Thank you for your email dated 24 August in response to my previous email
to you regarding shortwave licensing.

To clarify, there is no formal Ofcom moratorium on the licensing of short
wave broadcasting, therefore there is no document in existence about this
issue. You need to bear in mind that Ofcom has never itself licensed any
shortwave licences since it came into being in 2003, so there was never an
active decision taken to ‘stop’ licensing shortwave frequencies as such.

The situation is rather, as I said previously, that we do not have any
current plans to actively advertise any new shortwave frequencies for
licensing. This is because we do not believe there is currently any
significant demand from potential operators of such licences which would
cause us to start advertising such licences. As radio licensing manager, I
am contacted almost every day by groups wanting to broadcast stations on
FM (and more rarely AM) or on various digital platforms such as DAB, but I
cannot recall any individual or company in recent years expressing a
desire to broadcast on the shortwave band.

Similarly, I am not aware of direction from the secretary of state
preventing Ofcom from issuing shortwave licences, as this would be a
matter for Ofcom to decide. However, what I was trying to say in my
previous email was that Ofcom has to take stated government policy,
alongside many other factors, into account when formulating its own
policies and views. On the matter of radio broadcasting, the government
has consistently stated that it views DAB as being the main broadcast
radio platform in future (rather than analogue radio bands), alongside of
course other non-broadcast platforms such as the internet.

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