Some very useful sites

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Some very useful sites

Post by teckniqs » Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:42 am

Here's a few useful websites for the necks. Enjoy....
MB21 The Transmission Gallery

Great for looking at the commercial transmission sites for FM, DAB & TV.
(when searching for a specific station just google name of station & frequency followed by MB21)
Ofcom Site Finder

Great for looking up cellular communication sites on masts or tower blocks, also gives the height of the highest GSM panels. (Not always accurate)
Frequency Finder

Great for checking where UK commericial FM stations are broadcasting from and how much power they are using. You can download the list in PDF.
UK Free TV

Like frequency finder but also gives a basic coverage map when you click on the TX on map and various other useful information.
Free Map Tools

Great for checking the height above sea level of a location, just click on the map.
Also great for measuring point to point distances to see how far your signal is really going.
Radio Coverage Prediction

Great for giving you a rough idea of where your signal is going to cover and how strong from your chosen location, TX power, antenna height, gain, direction etc.

Great for checking the height of tower blocks. (most London tower blocks are on the database)
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