In Athens, into rig building.

Oh hello - you must be new. Introduce yourself to the radio world here!
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who u callin ne guy bruv
who u callin ne guy bruv
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In Athens, into rig building.

Post by PPirx » Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:03 am

Greetings from Athens, Greece.

I am a member of budding anarchist tech-collective in Athens, Greece. We have some experience in IT (setting up local/neighborhood networks and stuff) and now we prepare to start manufacturing small FM transmitters for squats and rural communities.

Our skills with hardware are at the level of soldering kits together and using basic measurement stuff (if well documented).

Our goal is to build a decent lab and manufacturing workshop and teach others how to build and run broadcast radio stations, mostly in standard FM band.

There are also some more innovative ides in the pipeline, but that has to wait, till we learn more.

We could use a lot of help from experienced builders, mostly in the area of circuit selection, building tricks, tools and equipment lists and some inevitable stupid questions. Especially in the area of antennas' black magic...
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