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Heyas, again

Posted: Sat May 27, 2017 7:53 pm
by hexluther
I think in my short bit of lurking the past two days I read the forums switched software/upgraded or what not, so my old account was purged. I didn't post much before anyone, so I may as well be new altogether.. so, heya gang.

I've got the "itch" again it seems, so, I plan to fire up a transmitter and give it another go.

Still the same gear as before, though I hope to improve the sound processing aspect of it, if I cannot get the limiter/compressor I have already worked out (trying to get in touch with Albert from NRG again, after hit and miss, a bit of email tag between he and I to figure what's wrong with it).

Original NRG PLL Pro III exciter, Digital Stereo Coder and Limiter/Compressor (but it behaves odd and never did get it workings right)

I'm on the hunt for a CRL chain (SMP-850 or Amigo FM, and SEC-800 with maybe like a Symetrix 422 for the brick wall) or an Optimod 8100A. Looking for that "80's" sound, since that's the music I plan to play, yep, a product of the 80's.

Funny, I wasn't going to register straight away, but, there were some attachments in a thread I was reading that I wanted to see. Now that I registered I cannot find the thread altogether now.. bleh.. enough of me, nice to meet you all.

Re: Heyas, again

Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 12:03 pm

Re: Heyas, again

Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 7:40 pm
by hexluther
Sun May 28, 2017 12:03 pm
Thank you bud. Appreciate it.