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Stretchy here

Post by stretchyman » Wed Sep 21, 2016 7:17 am

Hi All.

OK, found this forum via some vague work search and usually hang out on HFU as that's where I sell most of my product as it's primarily aimed at 6925KHz activity in the U.S.

However the transmitter I sell is happy working on ANY frequency (Xtal controlled) upto 10MHz and produce a 25W carrier (100W pep) below 4MHz and a 10W carrier (40W pep) above 4MHz.

I have found a decent modulating amp which I modify slightly and wind a proper modulation transformer or can supply a PWM circuit if you can use 24V.

SO if you're interested in M.W. or S.W. I may have the product for you!

Gimme a shout if you want any more info.



eBay item; 131595757554.

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