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Re: Amp help!

Post by Albert H » Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:53 am

Weirdly, I'm using a VPN that emerges close to my home IP at the moment as I'm abroad and still want to make the office appear to be manned!

I've been in Colombia recently, and the radio broadcast licencing there is carried out by a department of the national Post Office. They licence stations for particular allocated frequencies just to prevent interference. The licence fees are small - they just cover the basic bureaucratic charges - and stations either sink or swim according to how successful they are at attracting advertising or how deep the operator's pockets are! There are a few pirates (mostly political ones), but because it's so cheap to broadcast legitimately, most stations apply for and get licences!

There are inspectors who visit each station every few months to make sure that their emissions are "clean" and not over-modulated. The inspectors can close down a transmitter that's at risk of causing interference, but usually they just issue a warning notice to clean up, and it usually sorts out the problem. It's really quite a civilised system!
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