1/4 wave question

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who u callin ne guy bruv
who u callin ne guy bruv
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1/4 wave question

Post by piraterx » Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:51 pm

Gp antennas seem to get a not bad write up for their simplicity low cost and low field strength below them.

Could you get away just using a vertical 1/4 wave radiator pole and a 1/4 of wire dangling below it to simulate the ground part?Would it work?

Done it years ago with a cb antenna 1/4 wave pole and simply a length of 1/4 wave wire dangling below it for ground and it worked well and with good swr.Had no probs or issues with it.

Can it be done with vhf and uhf or did it only work cos it was hf? Cos almost every 1/4 antenna i see at vhf and uhf has 4 radials bent at 42 degrees or there abouts on them.

cheers for any replies.

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proppa neck!
proppa neck!
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Re: 1/4 wave question

Post by teckniqs » Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:50 am

What your describing above sounds like a type of end-fed dipole which will obviously still radiate very much like a standard dipole.

....The GP antenna radiates like it does because of the radial elements below, but a dangling wire hanging down instead of those will just radiate like a dipole.

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