Shortwaves are fun too !

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Shortwaves are fun too !

Post by SamTheDog » Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:42 am

Hi All. Many years ago I played about with VHF-FM / band II. And I still have transmitters for FM here.
along with some mediumwave kit. But I get the most out of the HF shortwave bands. Most people are
put-off by the lack of local listners, and yes you won't get the same local-area coverage per watt as your
VHF FM kit BUT you will get some amazing long-distance reception reports even with a low-power rig.

OK the aerials are very long and clumsy compared to the di-poles and co-linears used on VHF. I use wire-
di-poles and convenient-structures for shortwave. and a 50-foot vertical for mediumwave.

My home-made transmitters regularly get-out all over europe and beyond. I still have some valve-based
transmitters of between 35 and 48 watts. and transistorised / FET transmitters of 20-250 watts.

During the mid-late 1990's and early 2000's I did some work for FM pirates. They were mostly aiming at
getting people into raves, so shortwave would not have been suitable. but later on in life I find that I enjoy
popping-up on various frequencies "for fun" and with TOR-Radio I add the shock-value by playing very
off-beat anarcho-punk in amongst the metal and blues. There is far less chance of being busted running
shortwave too.

So come-on folks...... Shortwave is fun too.
All the very best
Sam The Dog.....

TOR-Radio on FM / Mediumwave and Shortwave
And many moons ago.. WNKR on FM and Shortwave.
info at torradio dot org

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who u callin ne guy bruv
who u callin ne guy bruv
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Re: Shortwaves are fun too !

Post by SundayGroover » Wed Apr 03, 2019 9:05 pm

Not played around with SW apart from the 11m band on CB of course! (Still do).

Albert H
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proppa neck!
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Re: Shortwaves are fun too !

Post by Albert H » Thu Apr 04, 2019 1:42 am

You're right, Sam.

Back in the early 80s, I tried a short wave set-up (on 6235kHz) which was run from a field site with an inverted V aerial over a tall tree. The earth was provided by connection to water and sewage pipes that ran beneath the corner of the field, by a road. The transmitter was built into an old milk crate, and had three car batteries to power it. Programmes came from cassette tape, using an "auto-reverse" car cassette deck - later as many as four car cassette decks were cascaded to give as much as 8 hours of continuous programme! The gear was concealed in a pit beneath a dustbin lid covered in earth, making it quite difficult to find.

We operated during daylight every Sunday, but got no response (by mail in those days) for four weeks at our mailing address. We were going to give up, until the guy who lived at the mailing address phoned me and asked when I could come 'round and collect our post. There were three mail bags full of letters and cards from about 40 countries - a stamp collector's dream!

That little station ran just 60 Watts peak (about 12½ Watts of carrier) and had a less than perfect aerial or earth, but was great fun. It's still on the air occasionally from the border between the Netherlands and Belgium, and is using only the third transmitter I built for it - one was destroyed by a lightning strike, and one was confiscated by the authorities.

The latest rig runs around 200W carrier and almost 1kW peak, using just eight cheap switching FETs in the final, and a PWM modulator. It's frequency agile - in 1kHz steps - and has a built-in three band compressor / limiter and adjustable audio bandwidth for the best use of the available channel space. The whole rig cost about €75 to build. The wire for the aerial and earth radials costs more!
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