Will Radio die?

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Re: Will Radio die?

Post by Albert H » Mon May 20, 2019 1:54 pm

Unfortunately, the audio on Medium Wave is limited to little more than telephone bandwidth. Done right, it can sound reasonable, but done badly, it's horrible. Unfortunately, most of the engineers who knew how to do it properly have retired, so the quality of MW broadcasts is generally abysmal. Even Caroline (who should know how to do it right) sound awful on 648 kHz, and are inaudible just a couple of miles from their site at night because of the interference from a Slovenian station and a Spanish station both on the same frequency, but with much more power. They really should stop wasting electricity at night!

Some of the Dutch LPAM stations sound really good. There's one not far from my demesne called "United" on 1224kHz. They sound pretty good for medium wave. They're low power, but they cover quite a big area in the daytime.
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