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Got a new tuner, onkyo T-4970

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:59 pm
by Fil
Been using my pioneer recievers built in radio, its ok, but was looking for an old technics seperate i used to have, may have binned when I moved several years ago, so searching the net and came across info about an Onkyo T-4970, and after a bit of waiting, got one from france via good old ebay. Think they were only ever sold in Germany

It seems to be pulling in the weaker stations a lot clearer, and sounds better too!

Stuff looked so nice in the early 90s, build 93 to 95


And before I got it, again since living here, ive been using some old home made FM antenna, someone left in the loft, so I finaly got round to sticking a good old Dipole rod up outside.